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A Luizterstory is a new type of storytelling and a unique way to thank the people around you. These stories are about extraordinary people and/or events. We complement the spoken words with fragments of live music and suitable songs. Luizterstories are told by a storyteller/professional singer: he or she sings the accompanying songs live, accompanied by a professional pianoplayer.

Storytelling with fragments of music

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A Luizterstory at a wedding is a very personal way to thank and surprise all the guests! It fits at several moments at the weddingday, such as the ceremony, dinner or as an opening act for the evening festivities.

A Luizterstory at a wedding is about:

  • how bride and groom grew up (thank the parents),
  • funny of warm memories of their childhood,
  • special friends to thank,
  • how they met,
  • holidays, hobbies and special moments,
  • the proposal
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For weddings we are also able to perform the entire ceremony, In The Netherlands we can get officially ordained to perform a wedding legally. Whether that is possible in other countries depends on their marriage laws. We can naturally always perform as a symbolic wedding officer.

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in Europe

We have different storytellers that speak English fluently and we even have a near-native speaker. All storytellers combined we have worked in Portugal, Spain, France, Austria, the UK, the US and even in Peru. Our international storytellers are sensitive to cultural differences. The Luizterstory is in English but we’ll always include local elements in our story.

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For companies it’s the most unique and special way to thank their employees and customers. Tell them about the highlights in the history of the company in a way that’s never been done before. A corporate Luizterstory has proven to be very fitting at all kinds of corporate events like a company anniversary, a grand opening, a Christmas dinner or a New Years Party. Because of its structure – combining spoken word with well-known songs -, it adds warmth, depth and emotion to a corporate event, while still keeping it real.


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